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  eCompliance, Inc. uses advanced technologies to streamline the compliance process for government agencies and businesses. The company enables legally binding electronic compliance transactions through, a framework that combines a metadata registry, XML and PKI-based digital signature technology. The framework supports a variety of tools and services that promote efficient communication and data transactions, including industry-specific electronic regulatory exchanges and collaborative enterprise applications.

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Sample applications using the eCompliance.NET framework
The Electronic Environmental Exchange (EEE) (aka Haztrakr) provides a complete infrastructure for receiving and managing electronic data. Built on the eCompliance.NET framework for legally-binding transactions, the EEE ensures that the the unique advantages of the Internet merge with the security and trust that is inherent in paper-based forms. Trusted Electronic Transactions
Learn what makes an electronic transaction legally-binding and the importance of having credible data as the foundation for a viable electronic exchange. Learn how digital signatures, digital certificates, metadata and XML can be used to address these critical trust issues in internet transactions. Learn how applications built on the eCompliance.NET framework ensure authentication, non-repudiation and integrity of data.

Simplicity, extendibility and flexibility
Learn why a growing number of businesses are using the Framework to migrate their Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Programs to the Internet.

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